ira has recently started on solid foods…she has been eating mashed potato for more than a month now, albeit not everyday. but gladly, there seems to be no problem with her potato diet. i have been putting cookies and small amounts of bread into her mouth and there seems to be no problem too. until last saturday…

i cooked carrots and mashed it and gave her some. she actually liked it better than potato and has been munching on it easily. whenever she would poop, she would start howling like crazy and she would then cry incessantly. she will only stop after i pacify her with some dancing and some tummy massage.

yesterday, she had worst. she was really crying so hard whenever she tries to poop. and all this time, she would be perspiring so much even when its so cold. when i would check her poop, there’s almost just a smear in her nappy. i really felt sorry for her and blamed the darn carrots.

i talked to ate cathy, the family friend who happens to be a good pediatrician, and she said its not the carrots. it might be due to the change in the formula milk of ira. when i read the package of ira’s milk, apparently, we are giving her too much amount of milk vis-a-vis the water. so there, lesson learned. read the package first before giving her anything.

but she is better now. i gave her super mashed papaya yesterday and even while crying, she ate some and felt better already just by eating!

i instructed ate freli to give her more papaya today since its a laxative. so far, no news of the “hard time” for ira from the last time i called. i hope her bowel movement becomes normal again. its just too much pain to see her suffer although she is so cute when she is howling that i couldn’t help but laugh. bad mommy!