@ fontana leisure park, ima's 61st bday

I am pretty sure I am still a novice when it comes to marriage. I still have a long way to go and I still have more than a thousand lessons to learn when it comes to surviving marriage.

To say that I am happily married may seem hypocritical to some. It may only mean that I have not met the bumpy road which some have survived, some did not. I know that I might see that bumpy road someday, but I am praying that I will be among those who survived, for my sake, and for Ira’s.

On Tuesday, December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, my hubby Ryan and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. As to the celebration part, I am not yet sure. If he has surprises I am not aware of, I am yet to see. Our only plan is to go to UST Church (where we got married), to somehow renew our vows. We have talked about this kind of  celebration so that every year, we will get a feel of that tingly moment when we exchanged “I do’s”. This will remind us, whether we are having problems or not, of why we got into our marriage.

One year into married life, I have not yet familiarized myself into its ways. I still feel that Ryan and I are just playing along the tides, heading to where life is taking us. What I am sure of is that in barely a year, I have learned to take and face responsibilities on a daily basis. I was the princess in the family, being the youngest and only daughter of my parents among a brood of four. Sure I learned how to do chores. Sure I was not at all a spoiled little brat of my Ima. But I had more time to lazily lay around the house than work. I grew up with my Ima silently hopping around the house so as not to wake us up. I grew up in a house where Mom loved doing the chores than anything else in this world. I was just the talkative bunso of everyone. I come and go as I please.

Now it is the other way around. I now do the cooking, despite the presence of different Ate’s in our lives, and despite Kuya Jme’s awesome cooking. I cannot laze around and just lay in bed as much as I want to. I have to know if my dear hubby still has pressed clothes to wear, or where is the pink booty of my lovely Ira. I have to ensure that Ate is using the right detergent or if she has taken out the trash. These I do and more, while being a full time corporate lawyer — attending meetings, reviewing contracts, and going miles away for out-of-town hearings.

I know lots of working moms commiserate with me. I know some may be doing more. And perhaps no one will object when I say that it gets tiring at times. Believe me, it does. Sometimes I think I may have jumped into marriage mentally and emotionally (and/or financially!) unprepared.

But everyday, these thoughts are but mere specks of the happiness my marriage brings me. I will not trade my life now for anything else in the past. Having Ira and Ryan is the best feeling in the world. In fact, I get emotional when I think about this. Oh no, I am not about to cry!

I just really get all giddy when I look at my married life. I have a very sweet and loving husband, which can be a separate topic of an entire blog. He makes life easier, happier. He makes it a point that I have what I want, may it be a little candy, or the pillow that I love hugging.

One year into marriage, no I do not know a lot yet. But I am learning. And as the days unfold and as I see other marriages breaking up, I can proudly say that we are off to a good start. I am pacified by the fact that we do not yell at each other nor throw things at each other. I am elated to start and end my days seeing my toothbrush with enough toothpaste on it, as aptly prepared by my husband.

I may not know yet what marriage is all about, but I have a lifetime to find out. 🙂