To say that I had a wonderful 2009 is an understatement. I cannot simply put in words the way I feel about the year that my little princess Ira was born. This is an uber fantastic year for me and the family. This year marked the time in my life when I thought I needed nothing else, until she came.

As 2009 started, I had no other expectations except for the fact that I am giving birth. Dear hubby and I had our minds on looking for a new place to stay which will be nearer to our office, but did not know it can happen sooner. We moved to Mandaluyong early January and even though my tummy was already bigger, I had to move around fixing the place. My Ima helped us shopping for the things we needed like furniture and other fixtures. She also helped big time with the improvements needed around the dirty kitchen and the laundry area. Come February, we were fine and well settled in our humble abode.

March was likewise a busy month for us as this marked the start of our business endeavor. Looking back, I hope we gave the business more study and second thoughts. Family venture is indeed a hard one, and I regret that we jumped into it too easily. I won’t go into the tiny details anymore lest I bore everyone else. Nuff said about the business, let me just let out a big sigh. 😦

April seemed fine and exciting. I was into my final month of pregnancy. After the annual physical examination at work, I was told I have anemia (although I know about this already) and UTI. Such two things are common with pregnancy, especially with a lifestyle like mine. I hardly drink water, some habit I took after my dear Ima. So whadya know? Last week of April, I had to be confined for the medicines since I couldn’t take oral meds already, they had to be intravenously (if there’s such a word!) given to me. It was my first confinement ever, so imagine my stress. I stayed in the hospital for 8 days, the day of my discharge being my hubby’s birthday (poor baby!). During this time however, I saw the strength of the love of my husband for me. I saw the things he can do for me. He went on leave from work the entire time I was hospitalized, spoon-fed me with whatever food I wanted, washed my butt when the I needed to go (uh-oh! uhmmm!) and gave me a bath everyday. These and more he did for me lovingly. And boy was I uber grateful.

May was the “it” month for me. We were expecting Ira to come late part of May but events led to one thing and another and tadah! Ira came on the 15th. It was a random joke that this baby is smart, knowingly arriving on a payday. I said yeah, really smart, as she came days after the company’s mid-year bonus. Hahaha! So May was indeed the happiest month of the year for me. And the rest of the year seemed history. Another entry on how I popped Ira out, next time.

But June to July probably ranked second best, as during these months I was on maternity leave, rearing my baby and nursing her full time. It is the best feeling in the world to sleep and wake beside her everyday. It is indescribable how it feels to watch her sleep in my arms. Then the realization that I would give up anything, yes anything, even my work, just to be able to be with her and attend to her 24/7. However, at this point, such is impractical. I would not risk having my hubby far from us in order for me not to work. I love the three of us being together. For now, this set up seems fine.

August is back to work moment for me. At first it required a  little adjustment from me but I warmed up in no time. I missed Ira for every minute I was not with her, and the trouble of looking for a regular househelp added up the burden.

Come September, everything was back to normal. Work and Ira took most of my time, with the business being managed on the side. I started taking out-of-town hearings again and it was kinda tiring. Ira had to be mixed-fed and I only get to see her after work. We maximized weekends by spending time together and not going anywhere else without each other. Ira was baptized 6th of September and had her ears pierced. Hindi na sya masyadong mukhang boy. Kawawa!

After Ondoy and Pepeng, the country struggled back to get up on its feet. This applies even to us as the whole country felt affected by these tragedies. Christmas swung by so fast that I did not notice the year was about to end.

I had a very fruitful year. It was magastos with the many hospitalizations and the new apartment but it was fun! Being a first time mom is very rewarding in more ways than one. We had new and quite expensive stuffs this year but they’re worth it (are they? hmmm..). Next year though, we will cut back on our expenses and save up for our li’l Ira. Promise (fingers crossed).

As the new year unfolds, I am hoping that it will bring good fortune not just to my family but to yours too, and the rest of the Philippines. I hope there will be no more floods as worse as Ondoy’s and Pepeng’s. I hope that Mayon will stop with its ash explosion and that it will peacefully sleep again. I hope that the coming elections will be peaceful and that people will vote conscientiously according to their own beliefs. I hope that as Filipinos, we shall all start to believe in our own capabilities, in what we can do as a nation, and stop looking at what cannot be done. All of us have shortcomings and misgivings. But if we unite and focus on what each of us can do and overlook these shortcomings, then we will have a better 2010.

For my family, I pray that I can raise Ira in the best possible way I can. I hope I can continue breastfeeding while working. I pray that no illness or accident may come to my family. I pray for guidance in raising my little one to be a happy baby. Next year, she will start walking and talking, which will ensure that 2010 will be a blast. I hope we can give her a great birthday party which she can remember by as she grows older. As we turn into our second year, I hope Ryan and I continue to be the best parents to Ira, less the petty fights that the kids in us get into. I hope that we may continue to be the best couple we can be, with God guiding us as we straddle along daily budgets and family problems. For work, I pray that what I have been eyeing upon for quite sometime now will be given to me. I am working harder to get it, and am keeping my fingers crossed for my wish to come true.

In sum, I hope we all have a safe new year and that we may happily spend it our loved ones!

This has been a long blog. I bored myself out just writing it. Whew!

Happy New Year Philippines!