I’ve had it for stand-up comedians abroad who lash out on Filipinos and then apologize thereafter.

As a Filipino, I watch the bouts of Manny Pacquiao and cheer with all the Filipinos with his every victory. That’s because I am a Filipino and because Pacquiao, admit it or not, is the best fighter this generation has seen.

But my admiration for him stops there. I do not live my life breathing day and night because he is great boxing champion. After his every fight, my life goes on. My admiration for him starts and stops at boxing.

Conversely though, I do not malign him for his lack of education or for his seeming stubbornness to seek for a congressional seat. I do not laugh at his dreams of becoming a politician. That’s his dream. It is up to the people of Saranggani to make it come true. If he pursues his dream further by seeking a senatorial post, or any post which will require my vote, then thats another story, and he can surely count me out.

But to make a sweeping statement that we, Filipinos, do not have lives outside Pacquiao is outright rude. To say that we will die of desperation if Pacquiao loses is much more demeaning.

Oh well, who is this Adam Carolla anyways?

To give him due credit, I surfed the  net to check on him. I do not want to say anything about a person I don’t have a clue about. Turns out that he is not so famous after all. I did not see anything spectacular about him or his career. Up to this day, he is struggling to make himself known. He even got booted out after his 4th dance in Dancing with the Stars. In fact, I didn’t even see a very famous TV show in which he was a part of. He is nowhere near Conan O’Brien or Jay Leno.

This is the reason why he is riding the bullet. He wants a piece of attention. Now he got it — only with so much bad taste.

We may be struggling as a country and we may be embedded with so many problems but we get by just fine. It is true we honor Pacquiao, but that doesn’t make us a bad country — which has nothing else better to do. We just happen to appreciate the prestige he gives us. Come on, who would have thought this man from a faraway province can rub elbows with Hollywood stars? It is really kind of surreal. But he worked hard for wherever he is now. He just doesn’t hit hard. He has the discipline none of us will ever have, and that’s what made him a champion in its true sense.

I have seen many foreign nationals fall in love with our country and with our people. I know that many foreigners have seen the richness of our heritage and culture. I also know how other countries admire Pacquiao and his boxing skills. One man’s unpleasant opinions on us will not and cannot change that.