I didn’t get to blog on her day itself because of an out-of-town hearing. But just like in the past months, we celebrated it with family and had a lovely dinner at home. She is becoming a big girl now. She knows how to dance when we sing to her. She intently watches cartoons now. She has mastered the art of saying Hi (using her tiny but loud voice) to everyone she sees. She has just grown up so fast that I miss that cuddly little bear that sleeps all day in our bed. This will be the last among her monthly birthdays because soon, she will be a big girl and turn one year old. *sniff sniff

Lest I be too emotional in my post, I just want to greet (belatedly) my sweet darling Ira. Thank you baby girl for coming into our lives. I will never get tired of thanking you for each tiny moment we share together. Thank you for the lovely kisses you give me when I scold you or whenever you feel like it. Thank you for the sweet hugs and for the laughters. Thank you for the balance you bring to Mommy and Daddy. You are my life’s compass and I know you bring me to the right direction. For everything my baby, thank you.

Soon you will be talking endlessly and we will be exchanging stories. Soon I will have to cry because I made you cry. There will be fights between us I know and we will have to survive them all. I promise not to be very strict on you and to be very understanding as I could possibly be.

Please help me and Daddy on this, for we cannot be good parents if you make it impossible for us. I can see now that you are a good girl, and please continue to be one, okay?

I will see you at home when Mommy’s desk is clear. We will play a lot and roll over the bed just like you love to. Love you little one. 🙂

My Princess Ira @ 10 months