It was just last year that hubby and I decided to get our own LCD TV. It was not that fancy or big, just enough to make us watch better TV shows or movies. For hubby, he likes watching sports channel there, it appears more action-packed to him. I, for one, like watching movies there. The movies feel like coming to life and I feel every twist and turn of the scenes.

We are lucky to have great innovations today which never seemed possible before.

I used to love the portable DVD of hubby because its a space saver and it doesn’t entail much clutter. However, my BIL dropped it and the LCD was broken (probably beyond repair). Recently though, I stumbled upon this lcd tv dvd where I learned that there is now this great new product. When I learned about it, I quickly informed my hubby about it. Were it not for the fact that we our LCD TV is not even a year old, we would have considered buying the LCD TV/DVD for ourselves.

The good thing about LCD TV with DVD is that its a big space saver. You don’t have to plug in too many cables and use separate remote controls for the TV and DVD. It is advisable for people who are on the go and those who want less clutter around the house.

When our budget so permits, we will consider getting one and stop ourselves from drooling over it. 🙂