It feels just like yesterday. I can still vividly recall every pain I felt when I went on labor pains, when I had to push and push but she wouldn’t descend. I can still remember the night before I gave birth to her. I ate at Dencio’s Jupiter with hubby, good friend Greys and BIL Patrick. I could hardly walk and felt that Ira was coming out. It has been exactly a year since that day. And tomorrow my precious little one is turning a year old.

I get too mushy whenever I think of her, of her milestones and of what she can still become someday. Can you blame me? She is the realization of everything I have ever dreamed of. She is everything and more. Ira is my princess, though I am far from being a queen. She is my sunlight, my moon and my life.

I am proud of the things she learns everyday. The peculiar way she says “hi” and “bye” with her tiny voice is just hilarious for me. When she wakes up, she instantly says “hi” to everyone she sees. If her sweet smile can kill, then I am dead a hundred times over. She smiles incessantly, showing her little dimple beside her lips. Her small teeth are just so funny, they show up whenever she laughs or smiles.

In ways that a mother could not further explain, I am amazed with every little thing she does. I will not grow tired saying it. She fascinates me in the highest level possible. I told her she has to learn how to walk before she turns a year old and she complied. It was a tall order from mommy. Her appetite is just incredible. It is just too much for someone of her age.

Sometimes I get frustrated when I teach her something and she doesn’t get it. Then she would surprise me the next day by doing it out of the blue.

Anak, thank you for being you. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter to us. I hope you will enjoy your party tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy are working for you so that you will have a better life. I will always be your friend and you can honestly tell me anything. I promise to be as understanding as I can be.

Sorry if sometimes Mommy snaps out on you. Mommy never gets angry at you. You are the perfect gift from God and we will take care of you always.

I love you Ira. Happy 1st Birthday!