What if we are all like celebrities who celebrate birthdays all week long or all month long, huh? Wouldn’t that be fun? πŸ˜‰

I am just asking aloud because I will be celebrating my birthday this coming week. Since my Dad is now with us and he is celebrating his birthday the same week as mine, and my nephew Kenji tomorrow, we are thinking of celebrating together.

I grew up in a family who celebrates birthday. I have noticed that some of my classmates did not give much fuss about their birthdays but for us, its the other way around. I don’t know now whether that is good or bad because it formed some sort of a habit for all of us in the family.

Since we did not know months ago about Tatay’s abrupt arrival, I was making lambing to my hubby about what I want for my birthday. I just want to eat out. Because really, I am tired of doing all the cooking (eyes rolling, argh!), especially that Kuya Jme will be working that day. I really just wanted to eat on this fancy looking Italian restaurant here in Makati, or Melo’s in Jupiter, or just ribs at Racks. But since bringing the whole family would probably be more expensive than just cooking at home, I might have to go for the latter. Β Sigh.

This my second birthday that I have Ira. Last year though, post partum problems were creeping up on me and my birthday kinda just breezed through me. But this year, we have big plans. And if we are really allowed to make birthday wishes, I will wish for the realization of these plans. I wish our plans will push through and that I wish our decision to pursue these plans will turn out to be the best.

I am at the point in my life where I am looking for the path where I and my family will trudge through. I realized that I may have become a lawyer at a very young age so that I will have opportunities to pursue different avenues in my life. And that’s what I will do…with my family’s help and God’s loving guidance, of course. πŸ™‚

So there, happy birthday to me! And may we all be happy today and always! πŸ™‚