Yesterday was the feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

See, I am not a devotee or someone who is able to go there regularly. But when I took the Bar, I sought all avenues where I can possibly get help in passing the Bar. So I pleaded for help from Our Lady and went there as often as I could. I think I may have finished several rounds of novena. Even after I became a lawyer, I have tried my best (yeah, sometimes not quite enough) to go there and visit to light a candle for my prayers. But after I got married and had Ira, my visits became more seldom than ever. I cannot even recall the last time I visited Baclaran.

It is always a great relief for me to go there. Its like going to Quiapo Church for me, and like going to Our Lady of Manaoag.

This is why I feel blessed for having been able to go there midnight of Wednesday to pay some respects to her feast day. The flowers near the altar are just bountiful and super pretty.  I know it was a great blessing to have been able to go there. I know that even without constantly going there, I am being blessed everyday with Her prayers.

May we all be blessed continually through Our Lady’s intercession and prayers.