I am Alfa — first time Mom of a wonderful little princess named Ira Renee Ashley and doting (?) wifey to my hubby Ryan.

I am 28 years old and a true-blooded Gemini. The only daughter and the youngest among a brood of four. I am currently learning a lot of things about motherhood and marriage. I am learning how to cook and I am learning how to balance my life between work, marriage and motherhood.

I work as a Corporate Lawyer for a domestic Insurance Company based in Makati but I am yearning to be just a work-at-home-mom or just stay-at-home, if things permit us.

My schedule is kinda crazy with the out-of-town hearings and with my baby but I am adjusting. This is why I blog. I want to share my thoughts about a lot of things and blogging is some sort of therapy for my weary mind. I am rediscovering blogging and I hope I can do better with my posts as time goes by. The blog is entitled “The World Around Ira” as I intend to blog about everything and anything that moves around my darling Ira. Because technically, she and my hubby mean the world to me.