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A3 Scanner

I photocopy and scan a lot of documents. It comes with the job.

But since I am hardly adept with gadgets and other computer accessories, I usually ask my hubby to do it for me. He has scanned copies of all our identification cards, even our passports.

I first asked him to do it when I needed to authenticate the documents of my SIL Ate Debbie when she was processing her papers for her work in Australia. I was on maternity leave then.

Hubby didn’t know that the sizing of the documents mattered a lot. He scanned all documents using the regular scanner and resized the documents. When my SIL submitted them to the agency via email, she was asked to rescan her scholastic transcript of records to their regular A3 size. Hubby had to look around the office for a scanner that has a scanning solution for the exact size of the documents. Luckily, he found one and was informed that in the whole office, it was the only A3 scanner that we have available.

When he told me about his dilemma (which took days, by the way!), I quizzically asked, shouldn’t each department have its own  a3 scanner? It would be more convenient for everyone because then we can easily scan all types and sizes of different documents. Our office secretary shared the same sentiments, saying that our scanners are quite outdated already.

And since I work and notarize documents at home, I think I also have to get my own scanner. Maybe its good to start looking for one that can accommodate all my scanning needs. 🙂


Successive Deaths

I always dread about death in the family. There have been several loved ones who passed away when I was young but I could not have grasped the idea then just as much as I do now.

The first one which I was fully aware of came in 2007. It was the death of my cousin Rainier. He was just 21 years old and he died in a tragic car accident in New Jersey. He had a 2-month old baby when he left. It was a sudden, tragic and traumatizing death which left us all battered and distressed. I was crying on most days and my heart refused to accept what happened. I blogged about it in my Friendster account and my feelings then were just insurmountable. There’s still a silent tug in my heart up to now when I remember Rainier and the way he left us. His death never seemed to be an easy thing for any of us.

The second one happened barely a month before I got married. My maternal grandma (my dear Inang) died. We all sort of knew it was coming. She was eating less and less and she was complaining of pains here and there. She was a very good Inang to all of us. She was the pillar of the family. I felt that when she died, the mold that keeps the clan together died along with her. Although we sorta knew it was just a matter of years, it was still very painful for us, beyond words.

This is why when I hear someone I know died, my heart commiserates with the family. I learned that we can never feel their pain, the way they exactly do. We can just pray for them that acceptance may be more bearable for them.

Just last Saturday (January 16), the mother of my SIL died. Ate Debbie is the wife of my eldest brother. She has been in Australia for less than a year. Like me, she is the only daughter of her parents. I could not imagine the pain she feels now. She was scheduled to arrive in Manila Tuesday (January 19) but as they talked over Skype last Saturday, she told her mom it was okay to go and that there was no need to wait for her arrival. And as most drama movies go, her mom gave her last breath minutes after they talked. *Sigh.

Then, the other day (Tuesday), my hubby’s Lola also died of a heart attack. It was more sudden and unexpected than Ate Deb’s mom. Hubby’s family was also caught by surprise and though I don’t really know his Lola, I still feel for them.

On the same day, Press Secretary Cerge Remonde also died of cardiac arrest. I kinda hate it when they pick on his death as some sort of a joke. He may have had misgivings when he was alive but come on, the guy is dead. Lets give him and ourselves a break.

Whew. Death, huh? It strikes anytime and anywhere. It happens to people you happen to know and to some you just see on TV. Nevertheless, it is still harrowing.

But what can we do? Death is a natural occurrence. Its unavoidable. What with the hundreds of sickness that have been added to the medical books, it is not a surprise to hear deaths on a regular basis. But no matter how ordinary and inevitable as death may be, it is never an easy thing to accept. No matter how worse the illness one has, or how fast an accident can take one’s life, death is something anyone can hardly prepare for.

So, am I afraid of death? Nope. Its the fact that I have loved ones to leave that frightens me. I am sure that’s what everybody thinks. Even Rainier as he left. I am sure he was thinking of his li’l kid. Even Inang as she died. I am sure she was thinking of each and everyone of her children and grandkids. That is what’s actually dreadful. Not death itself.