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Loving Long Weekends

Since we had the new president, long weekends have become scarce. For working peeps, that’s disheartening. I have nothing for and against the previous and new presidents, but if there is one thing I loved about GMA’s administration, it must be her economic policy on long weekends. But for reasons only he knows, PNoy chose to deviate from that policy. Luckily, we had two consecutive long weekends which made me think that working four days a week isn’t so bad after all. Hubby said if he becomes president of the Philippines, that’s the first order he will draw up. I couldn’t stop laughing with that silly dream. Not a bad idea, huh?

Because this weekend is a long one, hubby and I met up with good friends Ino and Sheba. We had fun at dinner just talking about anything we missed about each other for the past couple of months. It always feels good to be in their company. We met up at Greenbelt and spent almost an hour just looking for a place to eat. Can you believe that? Restaurants and bars were packed because of this long weekend fever. Good thing we found good seats at Fish & Co. We ate to our hearts content, although missed out on desserts.

The waiter nicely offered hubby a privilege card which entitles us to 20% discounts in any of Bistro restaurants, including our favorite Friday’s. The card seemed pricey at first but getting it gave us a consumable coupon which we can use on our next visit. Hearing that, I chose not to oppose hubby’s decision to get the card. Its like we will just have no choice but to eat out again next week. 🙂

I suddenly remembered all the coupons that my boss gave me months back, giving discounts and freebies. I am such a rat pack that I tend to forget where I placed all these little papers. Some of them probably expired without having been used. What a waste, huh? If these Coupons she gave me can be found online, I would have found them easily. 😉 I would have bookmarked them right away.

So now, even if tomorrow feels like Sunday already, hubby and I will probably watch a movie, eat out and play around with Ira. And on the real Sunday, we will slack off the whole day and have DVD marathons. Oh I really wish we could have more of these long weekends more often. Less stress and less headaches for everyone. Philippines would probably be a better place. Hahaha. 🙂


My Avatar Movie Experience

It has been a while since I last watched a movie (save for movies we watch at home and tagalog movies in theaters). Since December, hubby has been asking if I want to watch Avatar but we couldn’t bring ourselves into watching it because of our schedules.

Last night, Atty. Melvin (my boss) invited me and hubby to watch at Greenbelt with his equally pleasant wife Farrah. Well, of course hubby was ecstatic so he instantly checked the schedule online. He then learned that the movie was being shown on 3D which made him more excited than he already was.

The only idea that I had about the movie came from the review made by Chico Garcia in his blog. I have heard raves about the movies and I was puzzled to see it for myself.

To put it simply, I was not disappointed. I have been trained by my brothers to watch all sorts of movies and through time, I learned to like all types of movies. Sci-Fi movies and alien movies for that matter, have never been my ultra favorite. But there few ones which capture my senses. And Avatar for one, did that to me.

The plot was not a noble one. There are similar movies with the same plot in the past like that of Dances with Wolves. But the way it was presented to the moviegoers marked the difference. Indeed, James Cameron knows his art and he lets his moviegoers see it according to his point of view.

The start of the movie seemed kinda dragging to me because of the monotonous voice of the narrator. But as soon as the blue alien showed up, everything changed. There were times that I unintentionally covered my mouth to keep myself from screaming or saying something loud because I have the tendency to get carried away with movies. And this particular one kept me entangled until it ended. I liked how the ideas were presented and I like how the characters were molded.

As the movie unfolded, I no longer noticed that what was in front of me was more of computer animation. The forest and the animals seemed so real that you would forget that everything you see doesn’t exist. I held my breath as the movie went on, guessing if and how the good guys will win.

There are a lot of good actors in this movie and they helped the movie stand its ground. I have always liked the acting of Giovani Ribisi and Sigourney Weaver. It was a surprise though that the movie banked on not-so-famous ones like Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington. Sure they have appeared in several stints but I did not imagine them to be the lead actors for the movie. They lived up to the part though and I’m sure the movie will pave the way to better things for them.

After a thousand headaches with the 3D glasses, the Na’vi finally won and the bad guys failed. Another good point of Avatar is that there are subtle lessons in it which are well hidden into the storyline. It was not difficult to dig into it though because the movie will help you through it.

I can see the trend of the movies today. Aside from the fact that they are becoming more technologically advanced as days go by, they seem more real when it comes to graphics and story. Perhaps that is where the success of the movie is measured, if you end up believing the whole concept aside from just being entertained.

Like what I felt after I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still, I ended up believing the theories presented by Avatar. There may be other species who co-exist with us and we have to respect each other’s existence. More importantly,  I ended up admiring the movie itself, and the brains behind them. 🙂