we all have a comfortable way of comporting ourselves when we sleep. some sleep better on their sides, some on their backs, and some on their tummies. but others have a peculiar way of sleeping. for one, my little princess ira has a funny way of running across the bed when she sleeps.

even when she was smaller (like she’s big already, duh.), ira had various ways of positioning herself, or her hands, whenever she sleeps. until now, she occupies most of the space on our bed, rolling all over. this is why we are contemplating on investing on a bigger bed sooner. (if our budget will allow us. sigh. ) this is also why i asked ryan to disengage her crib since it served no purpose for the last 4 months, because ira preferred sleeping beside us. i preferred it that way too so that i wont have a hard time nursing her during night time.

during my maternity leave, i loved watching her sleep, taking pictures of her, smelling her breaths. i hardly even noticed how time flew then. one minute i am watching her sleep and another ryan is pulling over the driveway. that’s when i realized i would have wanted to be a full time mom, had it not been for my job.

just watching our little ira sleep brings utmost serenity to me and ryan.

here are pictures of her while sleeping:

ira sleeping

5 days old ira sleeping in her crib...look at her feet and hands!

nursing pillow pic

ira looking so snooty even while sleeping

little ira

after getting some morning sun, ira falls asleep just like in this pic...

snooty ira

another one of her poses...look at her cute little fingers!

crossed hands

ang makulit na bata...kahit tulog makulit!

irang kulit

funny pic of ira..believe it or not she's sleeping...

mom's bday

problematic ira...hehehe. it looks like the rest of the world is her problem. 🙂