I am not sure if this is my 3rd attempt to start a regular blog. I have blogged in Friendster and mostly on my Multiply site. I always loved the concepts of blogs. The way it can be a release or just be a way of telling stories really fascinate me.

I have been addicted to reading blogs for the last three years, if i’m not mistaken. I have read hundreds of blogs, maybe. Recently though, I have been glued to each and every entry of Chico Garcia. His blogs are simple, yet well-written. They are seriously thought of, yet entertaining. I have missed reading his blogs when I gave birth and for the last week or so, I have read all his entries all the way back to March. Yes. Addicted, as I said.

The first time I found out about his blog was when I heard about it on RX, in the Morning Rush when I was still pregnant last year. He has been prompting and prompting Delle to start her own blog. He said its good. I read his blogs then retroacting to the day he first posted an entry. Yes, I read each and every entry.

Thus the inspiration to start (again!) my own blog. So this is it. I hope I can do good and be really serious about it.

I will talk about my thoughts and the things that are happening around us. I will talk about my life and mostly about my lovely princess Ira. In short, I will talk about everything my mind can grasp on, anything about the world around Ira.

Happy reading 🙂