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My WordCamp Experience

I first found out about it through iMom’s post and even commented that I so wanna go. But after checking on WordCamp’s official site, there were no more slots opened for bloggers. I got kinda sad because I wanted to learn more about blogging and wanted to see what WordCamp was all about.

Nevertheless, I signed up for email updates to know more about WordCamp and whaddya’know? They came up with a blog contest saying they were giving away free tickets to the event. Yes, you read that right, free! Its either you tweet or make a blog about the sponsor and winners will be given free tickets to WordCamp, with all the freebies that come with it. I chose to blog about it and with another stroke of luck, I won!

So off I went last October 2, 2010 to the College of St. Benilde to attend WordCamp. It all felt surreal for me. I was like a student again attending a conference where I will meet participants from different schools. It was a nostalgic experience for me. It reminded me of debate competitions, of journalists seminars, of girl scout campings. I just loved it!

Hubby dropped me off right in time for the lectures. I even got to munch away the Krispy Kreme donuts they gave away for free and even drowned myself with the free-flowing coffee. The event was well attended by bloggers of all shapes, sizes and ages! I realized that the blogging industry has grown so big and everybody is just welcome regardless of age, profession or school.

After a day of WordCamp, I got to take home new experiences, new friendly faces, and new websites to explore. I also stashed away a Krispy Kreme gift certificate and one year free webhosting. I also met Mr. WordPress himself and got to listen to his few words.

It was an enriching experience all in all. One worth repeating and worth blogging. I hope to join again next year, when I am better in blogging and I can join advance lectures instead. 🙂

WooThemes: Royalle

In my short stint here at WordPress, I have changed themes several times already. I like changing my theme every now and then. Its like changing the theme on my mobile phone.

Recently though, I haven’t had the chance to browse through the various themes WordPress offers (and boy, are they many!). But WordCamp emailed me about WooThemes and I thought I’d check it out.

For me, the theme of your blog is somewhat a reflection of your personality. I say somewhat because I do not think it can be an exact gauge as to what kind a person is, but then it gives us a hint, right?

I usually do not pick girly themes lest my blog seem too loud, with all the pinky stuffs and flowery ones. I love a touch of girl in the theme, but I like it subdued. That’s why it is hard for me to pick themes. But when I see one that I like on that particular day, I easily pick it.

So when I browsed on WooThemes, the theme Royalle immediately caught my attention. It had a touch if pink in it, but not too girlish. The whole design looked subdued to me and upon checking the features, it made me like it more.

For one, the color is changeable. In fact, there are five colors to choose from. Now, isn’t that amazing? That means that when I’m feeling a little more serious, then I can just change the color of my theme, instead of browsing through the hundreds of themes available and choose again. Quite neat, huh?

It also has all the widgets I need, the customizable bars on both sides and one has complete control on the excerpt of posts displayed.  I also like the fact that you can put in the networking sites that you have so that you can just create a link there. But the highlight of Royalle for me is the changeable colors. As my mood varies on different days, I sometimes want vibrant colors, some days I just want plain blue, as my current theme shows. So now, I can choose to be girlish or neutral both on the same day, without having to change themes at all. Convenient, huh?

Oh well, let me drool over Royalle for now. And if I have time, I will check the demo for each one that I liked next to it. Its actually fun though time consuming. 🙂